7/.029″ Single Core Premium Copper/Std)


7/.029″ is commonly used in house, offices and building for room main and UPS supply wiring. You may not compromise on the quality this cable as performance of all your equipment, devices and appliances depends on 7/.029″. Similarly its like a chain reaction you must have premium copper cables in your whole structure to get an uninterruptible current flow without any loss of voltage.Stable voltage provide you the best ampere rating which reduces your electricity bill.

Weight 3.8 kg
Length 90 meters
Color Availability RED, BLACK, YELLOW, BLUE
No. of wires 7
Strand Diameter .029 Inch
Conductor Type Premium 99.9% Oxygen Free Copper Conductor
Standard BSS-2004 equalient to 2.5mm² BSS-6004 in Pakistan
Insulation Type Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC)
Temperature Rating -20C˚ to 70C˚
Dc Resistance 1.27 ohm/km
Colors Available RED, BLACK, YELLOW, BLUE
Ampere Rating 21 Amps
Voltage Rating 250/450V
Weight 3.8 kg



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