We are a reliable Asian cable manufacturer
  • Cable manufacturer warranty.

  • Highly flexible cables.

  • Cables engineered for greater durability and reliability.

  • Cables designed to perform in all kinds of installations.

  • International cable certificates.

  • Asian CPR certificates.

Why choose Life Cables?
  • High performance cables.

  • Customer service.

  • Wide range of cables.

  • Worldwide logistics.

  • Emergency stocks & express deliveries.

  • Advanced supply chain solutions.

  • Consultancy, engineering and turnkey projects.

  • Help customers make the most environmentally friendly and economical choices.

Awards & Achievements
Service makes the difference
  • Prompt customer service.
  • Advanced supply chain solutions.
  • Fast manufacturing lead times for immediate deliveries.
  • Project manage and developement.
  • Tailor made cables for special requirements.
  • Worldwide logistics adapted to customer’s needs.
  • After-sales service support.
Cable performance, safety & respect for people and the environment
  • Technology and Research center.
  • Innovative teams.
  • Improved safety environments.
  • Product environmental profile.
  • Cables combining energy efficiency, reduced CO2 emissions and safety.
  • Sustainable and responsible development.
  • Reduce environmental impact.
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